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Ever tried to haul a car without a flatbed trailer? If you haven’t and think it’s “no big deal”,  I suggest you give it a try. Hauling cars is no joke and, without a flatbed trailer, you have limited options as for how to move a car that is not running.

There are so many reasons people might need to move a car. Maybe you have a classic car you’re taking to a show. Or perhaps your kid called and now you need to load up your kid’s broken down rig (Yeah! Parents save the day!!).

If moving your car is a priority for you, take a look at the TNT-7 by Topnotch in 7×16 available at Trailer Boss. This is the top selling car hauler Trailer Boss has to offer.  Topnotch is a high-quality manufacturer, and the TNT-7 has been a top seller in Washington at several of Trailer Boss’ locations.

Trailer Boss offers flatbed trailers and many other practical trailers at prices that cannot be beat. The TNT-7  flatbed trailer offers users these specs:

  • Loading ramp on board
  • Two 3500 pound axles with EZ service hubs
  • 15″ tires
  • Fully boxed tube frame
  • Cross-members sealed
  • Beam lighting recessed in rubber grommets
  • Breaks on both axles with breakaway system
  • 7-way RV style plug
  • High-quality paint
  • 2-year parts and labor warranty
  • Lifetime structural warranty

Yes, you read that correctly, lifetime structural warranty.  Trailer Boss in Washington offers lifetime structural warranties on their flatbed trailers. And you know what else? We can do the work, right here, in our shop. Oh, and our service techs? Some of the best in the business. We are an authorized repair facility for your Trailer Boss flatbed trailer.

Hauling ATVs, cars, lawn equipment… these are all solid reasons to own a flatbed trailer. Been thinking about doing lawn work and need to rent big equipment? Flatbed trailers make the process a breeze. No need to worry about “will this fit in the bed of my truck?” question is answered, doesn’t need to, it fits on the trailer.

If you already have experience with flatbed trailers in Washington, you could be ready for a gooseneck trailer. Of course, you can also choose to start off with a gooseneck. Trailer Boss carries both gooseneck and bumper pull trailers.

Goosenecks are particularly popular because of what they do for the overall stability of the vehicle and trailer. A gooseneck moves the bulk of the weight from the frame of your truck (or whatever you’re using to haul) and transfers it above the rear axle.

By moving the weight off the frame of the truck and placing it over the rear axle, you can help reduce sway while you’re moving and reduce the overall size of the vehicle and trailer. All this means easier handling and an overall smoother ride while pulling your flatbed trailer.

For flatbed trailers in Washington, come to Trailer Boss. The selection of trailers and pricing is spectacular. Our staff are easy to work with and can help you find the right trailer for your needs.

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Head down to Trailer Boss to talk customization. The shop can customize your trailer to truly make it your own.

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