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Landscape Trailer Basics: What You Need to Know

July 10, 2018

If you’re in the landscape business in WA, then you know,  trailers are must have.  Landscape trailers are made to make the life of a landscaper run smoother and a job easier.

Maybe you’re new to the landscaping business, or maybe it’s time to expand your fleet of trailers. Whatever your reason for purchasing a landscape trailer in WA, Trailer Boss will have what you are looking for.

The uses for landscape trailers in WA is limited only by the owners imagination. Many new landscape trailer owners find new and/or unthought of reasons to use their trailer.

These trailers come in all different sizes and with different features. There are many options for landscape trailers in WA . These trailers can be enclosed, high sided, have multiple axles and ultimately, the type of trailer you decide to purchase simply depends on your planned use for the trailer. You’ll find more ways to use it once you see it action!

One of the more obvious reasons for a landscape trailer, is of course to haul landscape equipment. Landscape trailers around WA are made for hauling equipment and no other kind of trailer does it better. These trailers have high sides to attach gear, allowing you to secure gear to the side. Trailers also feature a solid floor so all gear can be secured inside the trailer and nothing slips through the cracks.

Living in WA state means long seasons of rain. And PacNW natives will tell you, the rain does not slow them down. Landscapers share this spirit as well and do not let rain slow them down. Enclosed landscape trailers are perfect solution to the extended rainy season. Trailer Boss carries a variety of enclosed landscape trailers to assure all your equipment stays dry and secured year round.

Along with taking care of all your landscape equipment needs, landscape trailers in WA can be used for a variety of other reasons. Because of the high sides and solid floor these trailers can be used for some of these reasons:

  1. Transporting automobiles: broken down car? This trailer can be your go to.
  2. Furniture: Have some furniture you need to move? Load it in one of these and the jobs a breeze.
  3. Bikes, motorcycles and ATVs: Any of these will fit in a landscape trailer.
  4. Livestock: If you have an enclosed landscape trailer hauling livestock could be an option for use.
  5. Auction and flea market: Heading to market? These trailers can haul, pack your items in this trailer and you’re good to go.
  6. Debris and trash: Headed to the dump? This is your go to trailer. Dump runs have never been easier.
  7. Trees and plants:T Ever tried to haul a live tree in a truck? these trailers make the job a cinch.

Once you’ve decided a landscape trailer is right for you, Trailer Boss is here to help you find the perfect trailer.  Want to talk financing? We have people on hand to talk with you about how to finance your trailer.

Thinking about custom options? Trailer Boss in WA is your answer. Their authorized repair techs can not only service your trailer, they can work with you to customize.

For landscape trailers in WA look no further than you local Trailer Boss. Trailer Boss offers a wide selection, great prices and the service you’re looking for.

Connect with them to get your questions answered!